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keto vs paleo

Paleo Diet vs. Keto Diet: Whats the Difference?

It is no secret that the Paleolithic Diet and the Ketogenic Diet are enormously popular these days. You can’t walk into a fitness center, read a health journal, or visit a healthy foods market without seeing something relating to Paleo or Keto diets. Many people follow one of these diets for health reasons, including weight […]

best keto diet calculators

15 Best Keto Diet Calculators

Looking for the best Keto Diet calculators? There are so many choices out then when looking to calculate your keto plan so we pieced together some of the best keto calculators and created this resource. It includes most of the free keto calculators online including macro calculators and food intake calculators. Here is a list […]

keto diet recipes

8 Delicious Keto Diet Recipes

Stuffed Zucchini Romaine Bunless Burgers Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Easy Cheesy Snack Crisps Buffalo-Style Cauliflower Creamy Microwave Scrambled Eggs Keto-Friendly Salad Dressing or Dip Low Carb Brownies These days, the keto diet is all the rage with people who want to lose weight. The first trick of cutting fat, inches, and pounds following this eating […]

keto diet pills guide

Keto Pills: What to Know

The ketogenic diet, also known as the keto diet, is based on a normal metabolic process called ketosis. A common mistake most people make when attempting a diet is not understanding it well enough to truly put it to good use. If you understand a diet well, you can take measures to establish a lifestyle […]

best keto diet books

8 Best Keto Diet Books

The ketogenic diet is one of several diet plans that focus on low-carb, whole foods, and foods low on the glycemic index. As a result, hundreds if not thousands of keto diet books have emerged and choosing the best books is difficult. That’s why we’re suggesting ten keto cookbooks that cover everything from beginning a […]

beginners guide to keto

Beginners Guide to Keto

When you’re trying to lose weight or are searching for ways to improve your health, among the most effective diets that you can follow is the keto diet, which has been proven to provide numerous benefits in regards to weight loss and conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re thinking about adhering […]

shark tank keto pills

Is The Shark Tank Keto Diet a SCAM?

If you have searched for keto diet pills or supplements (or anything keto diet related for that matter), then its likely you have seen the Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills advertisements. So are these keto diet pills a scam? In this article, we will investigate if these keto diet Shark Tank pills are a scam […]

best keto diet pills

10 Best Keto Diet Pills

The Keto Diet has taken the United States (and other countries) by storm. It has a ton of great benefits as well as some drawback, but overall the keto diet can be very successful for people. But did you know that there are supplements out there that will help your body get and stay in […]

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What Is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a standard metabolic process that naturally occurs in everyone. While this metabolic state can be difficult to get into, it causes the body to produce ketone bodies from fat, which will then be converted into energy.